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Residential and commercial rental service

Management of rented real estate assets guarantees the customer a better income, maximum peace of mind and reliable tenants. It also ensures the tenant the right choice of property according to his/her needs and economic budget, finding the solution to every problem.

  • Adequate value of the rental fee
  • Search and selection of tenants
  • Tenant verification (pay slip, employee's salary certification, contact with prior landlords)
  • Preparation of the rental contract adapted to the needs of both landlord and tenant
  • Procedures with the revenue authority (annual registration of tax form, rental termination, transfers, rental contract extensions)
  • Management of annual rent increases on the basis of the increases in the official cost-of-living index, with communication to the tenant
  • Management of expiry dates and contract renewals
  • Management of keys
  • Drafting of inventories of property, fittings and furnishings
  • Verification of the good state of the property on termination of the rental
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